Fabric Structures

We offer a wide range of structures to choose from. So, whether you want a conventional, free span or fabric building we will provide the ideal services that suit your needs.


80'x160' Indoor Horse Arena | Waterford, ON

TASCO DOME 60’ x 200’ Beef Finishing Barn | Burford, ON

TASCO DOME 50’ x 84’ Dunnage Storage Building | Burford, ON

TASCO DOME 60’ x 120’ | Maidstone, ON

40'x60' Tasco Dome Hay Storage | Melbourne, ON

TASCO DOME 40’ x 132’ Hay/Beef Barn | Strathroy, ON

TASCO DOME 50’ x 60’ Indoor Horse Riding Arena | Mossley, ON

TASCO DOME 65’ x 150’ Indoor Horse Riding Arena | Tecumseh, ON


Our Philosophy

  • Wander off the beaten path! Major cities are popular for good reason, but there are so many worthwhile destinations!​​
  • It’s all about the experience! Head out and explore!
  • Don’t over plan! The best moments always happen when you allow room for surprises!​
  • Travel to another country open to experiencing other cultures. Embrace local customs and foods—they are different from your home!

Packing & Attire

  • La Bella Figura, the traditional Italian fashion plate has gone casual!
  • Shorts and sneaks are acceptable during the day and at sidewalk trattorias & pizzerias,
  • , but generally in the evening at a ristorante, you’ll probably want to raise it up a notch
  • Churches require modest attire. That means no shorts and please cover your shoulders! Gentlemen remove your hats!
  • Best rule of thumb: PACK LIGHT! Less is best, especially for trains and rental cars!
  • Most hotels offer laundry service (plan ahead on weekends)

Wifi & Electronics

  • Electricity in Italy is 220V: use plug adapters with 2 slender round (“snakebite”) prongs
  • Most electronics are rated “INPUT 100-240V/50-60Hz” and may be plugged in with a simple plug adapter
  • If your item has a motor (e.g. hair dryer) or is not rated “INPUT 100-240V 50-60Hz,” you will need a transformer or voltage converter. Be careful!
  • USB cables are useful for charging devices in the car
  • Always alert your cell provider in advance that you will be traveling and ask about their international plans
  • You can quickly burn through your data allowance, so go easy on the downloads!
  • Texting/WhatsApp are usually the most cost-effective mode of communication
  • Use WiFi whenever possible!

Air Travel

  • There is no best time to book a flight. But normally 3-6 months in advance is about right
  • Your US passport MUST be valid 180 days beyond your return date
  • We highly recommend Global Entry (GOES): you’ll speed thru TSA security and skip the passport line when re-entering the US!
  • Be sure to enter your Airline FFB and GOES numbers in advance!
  • Budget at least 90-120 minutes between connecting flights! (More at Newark!)
  • We recommend 2.5-3 hours for international flight check-in (less for internal or intra- European flights)
  • On a code-share flight (joint venture between 2 or more airlines), we recommend to book “same metal” flights, i.e. stick with the “operating carrier” as much as possible
  • Boarding Passes are best accessed on your airline app
  • 1 checked bag is free in coach on your transatlantic leg. Intra-European flights often charge for luggage, with size and weight restrictions posted (in kilos!) on airline websites. TRAVEL LIGHT!
  • Set your watch to the destination time BEFORE leaving! It’ll help you acclimatize to the new time zone!
  • Coming home, travelers must go through US Immigration & Customs at the first entry point (US gateway). Check the Department of Agriculture’s website for restrictions on importing that leg of prosciutto!
  • Always travel with Trip Insurance to cover a) trip cancellation, b) trip interruption, c) medical coverage and d) medevac. How much/when to purchase insurance depends on personal risk factors—please ask us!
  • Stay hydrated, stretch occasionally and sleep as much as you can on those long flights.


  • The Euro (€) is Italy’s currency and generally trades around 1.25/ US $.
  • Always have some cash in hand and remember to break large bills every chance you get!
  • ATM Machines (Bancomat) are frequently found in the cities. Alert your bank & credit card issuers in advance and always carry more than one ATM card!
  • Always have cash handy and remember to break large bills every chance you get!
  • Most stores and restaurants require cash (Euros) for small purchases.
  • Not all museums accept credit cards.
  • Public lavatories often charge 50 cents (0.50€), so please carry some change with you!

Accommodations & Etiquette

  • One of the joys of travel to Italy is staying in charming boutique style hotels. "Location, location, location,..."
  • As a rule, Italians aren’t fans of air conditioning! Many establishments don’t turn ON their units until mid-May and turn OFF the central system by early or mid-October
  • Frequently buildings from prior centuries may not have reliable in-room air conditioning or controls
  • Italian elevators can be tiny. Do not pile on!
  • Wall-mount hair dryers are universal
  • Use your hotel safe for passports and extra cash, and keep a shot of your passports on your phone
  • Tip at your own discretion. We generally suggest:
    • 7€/hour for guides and drivers
    • 2-3€/bag for porters
    • 5-7€/person per day to the staff & housekeeping (leave the cash tip directly with a reception at checkout)
    • For taxi drivers, round up!

Covid-19 has changed the world!

  • Masks are mandatory in many places, including on your flight. Please comply
  • Social Distancing includes elevators, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and bars
  • Follow CDC and local health guidelines
  • Please bring proof of vaccination!